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Telefunken M15A Reel To Reel Recorder Stereo 1/4″


Classic Telefunken M15A stereo 1/4″ Reel To Reel Recorder

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Telefunken M15A  (M15) is one of best mastering reel to reel recorders on this planet. This unit was built by in Germany by Telefunken in 1980’s.

The M15A offers very robust tape transport system which delivers lower  W&F than any other reel-to-reel tape machine. Everything on M15A is overengineered. They are a easy to adjust and calibrate.  Completely modular construction – this device can be repaired easily by replacing the faulty module.

Heads are in superb condition. This unit was used as a spare unit in Finnish broadcast company YLE and it got limited amount of usage hours.

Calibrated for AGFA PER528 and BASF LGR 50 tapes.

Shipping available worldwide. Overengineering means this magnetophon weights a ton and shipping will cost more than sending a card to your friend…  For serious inquiries, please send email to

Location of the unit: Helsinki, Finland / Europe.

You will get live video demonstration of the unit and detailed high resolution images of all details. Extra accessories will also be included in the delivery.